# The Green Alliance

# Who We Are

We are the vision subteam from FRC team 3656, the Dexter Dreadbots. Over time, new members will replace our old writers, and we plan on keeping this wiki up to date for as long as we still exist. We are always open to pull requests on our github in case you would like to add an article. More information on contributing can be found there.

# Our Mission

Our mission is to provide beginner-friendly, easy-to-implement documentation and articles to help you implement hand written vision into your FIRST team's robot.

# What You Need

To get started, we reccomend a webcam (anything around 720p or above will do), and a computer with python 3, pip, and an IDE of your choice to write it in. We recommend using VSCode if you are a beginner; it has a great plugin for python and a large community around it.